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Tires are such a basic object that it's easy to just forget about them altogether…until they wear down or blow out. Only then does one realize how much a part of our lives tires are. Consider how much we drive today. Most of us can easily put twenty or more miles per day on our tires just from driving to and from work and running errands, not to mention traveling to the beach, mountains or out of state to visit family. As we have increased our reliance on cars for our transportation, we have greatly increased our dependence on having good, reliable auto tires. Anyone who may have experienced a flat tire due to tire wear or skidded on wet pavement because the tread on the tires have worn down to nothing will tell you that maintaining good tires on a vehicle is one of the most important things that needs to be done.


When choosing car tires, one needs to take a look at their lifestyle and honestly determine which works best for them. If you are the type of person who likes fast starts, high speed driving and tend to slam on the brakes a lot to stop then a high performance tire is what you need. Ok, so you don't want to admit to anyone that you like to do all those things. You don't have to, just know yourself and understand that to have the safest driving experience you need the right kind of tires for your kind of driving. Likewise, if you spend a lot of time off-roading, you'll ruin your regular street tires in no time unless you use tires that are designed for handling the dirt, hills and pot holes.

Where you live makes a huge difference in buying car tires also. If you live in the snow, then of course you'll need tires that are well suited to icy conditions. It's recommended that when it snows, people change their tires to a set of snow tires that are dedicated to driving through ice and snow. For those who live in areas of the country that receive high amounts of rainfall, they'll need tires that are specifically designed for running on water soaked pavement.


Now that you've figured out your basic style and what you really need according to where you live, you're ready to look for your tires. There are some basic things to know in order to get the optimal performance out of tires.

Always get the right size for your vehicle. Buying smaller tires can cause overheating or put too much pressure on the tire from the size of the vehicle. The car manufacturers created the automobile using a certain set of tires that are designed to give the best possible performance for that particular vehicle. Switching tire sizes may decrease performance, gas mileage and safety for you and your vehicle.

As mentioned, your lifestyle makes a difference in what type of car tires you purchase. Buy the right type of tire for the use you plan to put into the automobile.

read is another basic to take into consideration when purchasing car tires. This also depends on your lifestyle, more specifically, where you live. There are tires that are designed for increased traction in the rain or snow. Others have standard tread designed for normal highway conditions. Your tire dealer will be able to assist in selecting the perfect car tire for you.

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