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It's important for every driver to check their tires on a regular basis. Many cars lose air pressure without the drivers realizing it because it doesn't necessarily show in the looks of a tire. There could be a nail in the tire and it's slowly leaking air, which could lead to a blow out on an interstate. Make it a habit to check your tires regularly and you may spare yourself some real problems


One of the leading causes of tire problems comes from under-inflation. When you buy your tire, find out what the recommended air pressure is for that particular tire and make it a point to check it on a regular basis. Don't rely on your visual to judge the pressure on a tire. It's been found that the majority of cars on the road have under-inflated tires without anyone ever knowing it. Tires last longer, cars perform better and best of all you'll save on gas money.


Always make it a point to visually inspect the tread on your tires every time you walk around your car. Tires that are under or over-inflated can cause uneven tread wear. Over-inflation causes the tread to wear faster in the middle of the tire while under-inflated tires will wear faster on the edges. Check the treads often with a penny; if some of the head on the penny is sunken into the treads then this is a good indicator of good tread. If none of the head is covered, it's time to buy new tires. If you're one of those who don't check the treads often, there is another way to know it's time to purchase new tires. Every tire has a wear bar. When these wear bars that cross the width of a tire begins to show, your tires are no good anymore and need to be replaced.


It's recommended that people buy a full set of tires as opposed to one at a time for optimal performance. By doing this, the performance of a car remains on a high level. The only problem with this is that front tires tend to wear much more quickly than the back ones due to steering and braking. These actions affect the front tires much more than the rear ones. So, in order to prevent having two worn tires while the other two are in good condition, people rotate tires. This is a process of moving the back tires up to the front and the front ones to the back. By doing this one ensures even wear on all of the car tires.

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