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Ever stop to think how many tires there are all over the world. Just about everyone has a tire whether it's a car, work vehicle, bicycle or even little wagons. There are tires everywhere. There are literally millions to billions of tires that can be found in trash, stockpiles or just plain dumped along the roads. Stockpiling tires can bring about an undesirable growth of insects or rodents while burning them will cause extreme pollution in the lakes, streams and air for miles around. The rubber that tires are made of is extremely flammable and is hard to control or put out once they've been set on fire. By recycling tires, one can conserve energy and reduce pollution risks to the environment. The estimation is that recycling tires will also reduce the volume of the landfills by as much as 30%


Tires provide a great alternative fuel source for many companies. Many industries have a contained heat source and tire shredders in order to burn tires effectively.

Landfills will obtain shredded tires and layer them over the current day's trash delivery in compliance of the environmental requirements. By doing so, they are providing a safe cover to begin a new day of deliveries.

Many playgrounds and children's play areas are using shredded recycled tires on the ground, which provides the kids with a nice soft surface that they can play in. They can either be spread out as shredded pieces or they can be combined with other binders to provide a solid surface mat for these places.

The materials from tires can be used to create new rubberized soles for certain shoes. There are studies being done to determine possibilities of converting these recycled tires into other items of clothing that contain rubber such as raincoats.

Researchers are finding that replacing regular concrete sidewalks with patches of these rubberized panels made from recycled tires promote resistance to tree root damage. They are expected to last much longer than all concrete sidewalks.


With the sheer number of discarded tires that are piling up in waste every year, scientists are working on finding more uses for recycled tires. Another thing that these scientists are researching is ways to extract oil and carbon black which are materials that tires are made of. These substances are very useful and if the researchers are successful in this, then salvaging tires will become very profitable for many.

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