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The best used tires come from car dealerships where people often change their tires a little ahead of schedule. These tires usually still have some decent tread left. Many of these tires can still give good service. This is a good alternative for someone who really needs to get tires but their budget just doesn't quite allow for it. They can be found if one knows what they need to be looking for. Getting a used tire can actually be a very good thing for someone who maybe driving on tires that have worn the tread off almost completely. It's better to have some tread than nothing. If you've decided to buy used tires, be prepared to shop around to find the best quality that you can find in these used tires.


While the best practice is to buy brand new tires, some people may have reasons why they don't want to invest in a set of new ones. Some may be planning to sell their vehicles soon. Others are looking for spares in case of a flat and many buy used tires because of tight budgets.


The more tread a tire has the better. Make sure that it's been worn evenly across the surface of the tire. Uneven wear indicates that the tire wasn't properly maintained by the previous owner. Uneven wear may also signify interior defects.

If a tire has patches or plugs, it's not necessarily a bad thing. Do check to make sure that the plugs or patches have been well applied and that the tire isn't losing any air.

Used tires are just that, used. They will have scuff marks, scratches and minor cuts. These are not things to be alarmed about when purchasing a used tire. Just make sure that you examine these marks carefully to ensure that they haven't affected the integrity of the tire.


There are many places that will sell used tires. Some places are unethical and will try to sell any tire regardless of its condition and potential dangers. However, there are some dealers out there that are extremely careful to find the safest tires that still have good life left in them. These used tire dealers will make every attempt to inspect the tire for any possible defects or flaws before they will allow them to be sold to the public. Make sure you do your homework when looking for a used tire dealer and find out what their practice is when obtaining these used tires.

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