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The type of vehicle you drive and your driving style will play a big role in the type of tires you purchase. Each car was designed by the manufacturer to perform optimally with a certain type of tire. If you go out and buy tires that are too small, too big or the wrong type, you could decrease the performance of your car dramatically. The basic things to look for when choosing your new tires are the size, type and tread of the tire.


Every vehicle will list the proper specifications of tires for your particular vehicle. You can find this in the owner's manual, labeled inside the door or even in the glove box. This label contains the information you will need to start shopping for your new tires. This specific tire size has been tested at the factory before the car was put out on the market and deemed to be the one that gives the best gas mileage and performance. Too small, big or wide will affect your speedometer or odometer readings and may not work well with the anti-lock braking system that your particular car has. If you are one of those people who are determined to change tire sizes just for the looks or performance of a car, you'd do well to consult with a professional for there may be some technical things that need to be done to your vehicle in order to accommodate the different tire size.


Types of tires depend on what kind of vehicle you have and how it's typically used. Normally a regular passenger car will require the standard type of tire that is designed for ordinary road driving. A performance car will need higher quality performance tires designed for faster driving and cornering. The difference between the two is that the standard tire is typically quieter and gives longer wear while performance tires gives superior performance but is noisier and wears quicker.

Pick up trucks or SUV's need tires that are designed for possible off-roading and carrying heavier loads.

The type of climate you live in will play a role in selecting tire types. There are snow tires, all season tires and tires designed for driving off the roads. One needs to sit down and determine the importance some of these conditions play in their driving. Some may be prepared to sacrifice good traction on wet roads for performance while others are not.


Tire treads are not just designs on tire. They are there for a purpose. Tire treads provide traction in certain weather conditions. When considering tire treads, you'll need to take into consideration where you live and the kind of climate you may be facing. Those living in generally wet areas will need tires that give optimal performance while driving in the rain. Others who live up in the snow states will need to have a set of snow tires that are specifically designed for driving in icy, snow conditions.

here is no one tire that works for all conditions. This is why one needs to sit down and be honest with the tire dealer to determine what is important.

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