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Tire Basics

• How to buy tires
• What you should know when you choose a tire
• Reading your tire sidewall information
• When should you replace your tire?
• How to choose a tire store

Tire and Vehicle types

• Passenger car tires
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Where to Buy Tyres

• Retail stores
• Discount stores
Online stores

Tire Companies

Tire Stores


A tire buying cooperative originally banded together in the 1960's to create a franchise called Big O Tires. They originally began as tire suppliers for tire dealers. Right about that time, cars really took off as a luxury toy. Men fell in love with the way cars looked and did everything to dress them up including looking for the right tire look. Big O Tires saw what was coming and at that point they decided to change their strategy to sell tires directly to the consumers as a tire company. Today they have grown to provide services to people all over with tire retail stores everywhere.

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