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Tire Basics

• How to buy tires
• What you should know when you choose a tire
• Reading your tire sidewall information
• When should you replace your tire?
• How to choose a tire store

Tire and Vehicle types

• Passenger car tires
• Light truck & SUV tires
• Truck tires
 Off-road tires
• Motorcycle tires
• High-performance tires

Where to Buy Tyres

• Retail stores
• Discount stores
Online stores

Tire Companies

Tire Stores


Since its inception eight decades ago, Cooper Tires now has a presence in three continents and sales facilities all around the world. These tire dealers specialize in tires and provide a complete range of tire types to offer to the consumers. Cooper Tires provides not only the manufacture and production of tires but they also provide the retread industry with rubber and other equipment needed for their retreading process.

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