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• How to buy tires
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Where to Buy Tyres

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Tire Companies

Tire Stores


Many of your chain shopping centers such as Wal-Mart will offer tire services. They carry a limited number of brands but will typically offer good prices. One can always find good deals going on at these discount stores. It's probably best to shop for tires at a discount store if you already know exactly what type of tire you are looking for. There are other types of discount tire stores that are specifically for tires. These stores buy certain brands in bulk and can afford to sell them to the public at discounted price. You may not be able to find the exact brand of tire you need here. Typically one will find your most common tires at discount tire stores. If your search is for a specific type of tire that performs a certain way, you may have to do some searching at several places to find the one you need.

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