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High-performance tires are designed to have more contact with the road surface so that the there is more grip and traction. This increased traction between the tire and road is what increases the performance of a car. The rubber that these high-performance tires are made of is of a softer kind that grips better. High-performance tires range from being just above the passenger tires to the super racing kind. The range is so broad that it can get quite confusing in choosing the right one for your vehicle. It would be wise to consult with a tire professional first before choosing tires, as they would be able to determine which tire is best suited to your type of driving. This means being honest with the dealer, he's not there to judge your driving but to help you choose the proper tire for your needs.


While high-performance tires provide superior handling and control over the driving and cornering at higher rates of speed, they do have their drawbacks. However, one can minimize the drawbacks and still have a high-performance tire by having such a wide range of tire types to choose from. Of course if you are one of those drivers who want the highest rated high-performance tire then you'll need to be aware of the downside to these tires.

The high-performance tires are created with softer rubber and maximized contact area with the pavements. Due to this, there is less of a space in the treads for the water, snow or other things of that nature to slip into and ease out. This creates a higher risk of sliding in inclement weather conditions. The ride is also considered noisier and somewhat harder than those cars using the smoother passenger tires. Another drawback to consider when shopping for high-performance tires is that they don't last as long as the regular passenger tires. These tires sell for a higher price due to their high-performance capabilities but yet wear out very quickly. One can expect to have to purchase new tires sooner than someone who has a less expensive passenger tire.


hile there are compromises to be made when purchasing high-performance tires, there are downsides to all types of tires. With the wide variety of driving conditions that we are faced with everyday and also the different types of weather…there is no one tire that performs optimally in each and every single one of these conditions. People who choose high-performance tires for their driving needs are typically those people who truly enjoy the driving experience. They love the feel of how the car responds to speed and cornering. For this, they're willing to compromise the longer lasting passenger tire with its smooth, quiet ride. After all most of us have to drive to and from work, schools and to the stores. Why not make an otherwise dreary experience into something fun and enjoyable with a set of good performance tires.

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