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Light trucks and SUV's come with Light Truck All-Season tires, which is designed to provide optimal smooth ride. These tires are also made to be quiet and to deliver good traction in most every day conditions. Since trucks and SUV's have grown tremendously in popularity in recent years, the tire choices for these types of vehicles have improved dramatically. The truck tire options used to be bumpy and provided an uncomfortable ride but today, they produce light truck tires that provide good handling performance as well.


There are the All-Season tires that most light trucks and SUV's are rolled out of the factory with. These tires provide smooth riding with quietness while allowing for good traction in most conditions.

The All-Terrain tires are an improved version of the All-Season tires in that they are designed with a more open tread pattern that gives the driver more traction should they find themselves driving in more rough terrain. By having a bigger space between the treads, the mud or snow that the tire may be driving through is able to be expelled through the passages allowing for easier movement through tougher conditions. Many people who drive light trucks or SUV's find themselves wandering off into rougher roads simply because they have the vehicle that can go there. The most important thing for these people to remember is whether they have the right set of tires that can take them there. It's not the vehicle, although that's an easy assumption, it's the set of tires and whether they're designed to work with the rougher terrain.

gain, one needs to consider how they drive and where they live before considering the types of tires that's needed. If you have a light truck or SUV but yet never venture out off of the city roads then a good set of passenger tires will be completely suitable. This type of driver is simply looking for ease and quietness in driving. Perhaps this consumer lives off the beaten path and has to travel by dirt road to get to and from where they live to work or any other places that's needed. This person would definitely benefit from getting the upgraded All-Terrain tires for their vehicle. This would provide them with more ease and comfort in traveling in that type of condition.

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