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Those who ride motorcycles are an elite group into themselves. They enjoy the feel of riding on the open road with the wind blowing around them. That open, free feeling that one cannot get from riding in a car. They're also at a higher risk for injury simply due to the fact that they don't have the protection of a car around them that most drivers do. For this fact alone, it's important to make sure that the motorcycle tires that you choose for your bike is well suited to the type of bike you have. Motorcycle tires are your only point of connection between you and the road.


With motorcycles, some will use them on a daily or weekly basis while others may leave them sitting in the garage for a period of time before using them. If you're one of the latter don't make the mistake of thinking you have perfectly good, albeit brand-new tires since you hardly use them. Tires are made of rubber, which does harden after time. When they harden, they lose their traction.

Motorcycle tires are just like car tires; there are the standard street tires and racing tires. Racing tires are just like high-performance tires, they wear out quicker. On the other hand, if you are someone who likes fast starts and high speeds then you'd want to look for tires that provide better grip and traction. These racing tires have softer rubber. If you plan on riding long distances then firmer rubber tires will provide more comfort for your body.

The one tip everyone will want to keep in mind as a motorcycle owner is to always buy brand new tires. Never used. In riding a motorcycle, one is completely reliant on these tires to provide good traction and performance. If they fail, there isn't much protection around you to cushion you from a fall.


When a car has a blowout on a tire, they have three other tires to support the car. On a motorcycle a blowout or tire failure can produce disastrous results since there's only one remaining tire left. For this reason alone, all motorcyclists need to make tire maintenance a priority.

Become familiar with your tire's PSI for air pressure and check it as often as you need and adjust according to manufacturer's recommendations when carrying an extra load.

lways take time to inspect the tires for any cracking, damage or for anything that appears unusual. This is something that everyone should do prior to riding.

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