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Passenger car tires command the highest percentage of the market. These tires are geared towards the most common commuter on the roads today. These are the people who commute to school, work and run errands. They're economy and safety minded. They're typically your parents who think of the safety and comfort of their families. They need something that will ride smoothly, quietly but yet safely. Tires that will withstand ordinary road hazards such as potholes or debris. Additionally, these are usually the consumers who are looking for the longest wearing tire for the very best price possible.

Many passenger tires come with high mile warranties and guarantees for smooth easy riding. Since these are the highest in demand, many of the manufacturers will compete to get the most percentage of this general passenger tire market.


There are several choices one can make when choosing a passenger car tire. There are the All-Season tires, which will probably give the consumer the most for their money. These tires provide smooth ride, good traction and tread wear. These are typically the type of tires that your average commuter needs for their vehicle.

Touring tires have additional performance features built into these. They're typically used in the more expensive luxury passenger cars.

All-weather tires are rather new. These tires are similar to the All-Season tires but they have an added feature of being especially durable during the heavy snow conditions while your All-Season tires are not.

Knowing the type of passenger car you have and where you live will play a huge role in which tire will work best for you. If you have a top of the line type of car and wish to enjoy extreme quiet and improved handling, then you should consider Touring tires for you vehicle. On the other hand if you wish to have something that is durable for all weather types including extreme winter conditions, consider the All-Weather tires. If you live in the southern states where the weather doesn't reach the extremes that they do in the north, an All-Season tire should take care of the job just right for you.

assenger car tires are typically the types of tires most consumers will go for. They are the most economical in terms of durability, smooth wear and price. They are also designed to be long wearing.

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