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Whether you drive a small truck, a big truck or an SUV, knowing about truck tires will give you the best possible ride for your particular vehicle. Truck tires come in the widest variety of sizes. There are small truck tires that do the job similar to passenger tires and then you have your huge tires that are built for climbing and plowing through rough terrain. Choose the tire based on what type of driving you normally do in your truck.

The sidewall height will be an important choice for a consumer to make when purchasing truck tires. They need to be compatible with the type of driving you do. If you normally stay on the paved roads then the smaller type of truck tire will do just fine but if you go off the paved paths onto the rough terrain then you'll want to have more of a cushion between your vehicle and the ground.

Tire width gives these bigger, heavier vehicles better grip on the roads but as with all tires, they also have their drawbacks. They may slip more on wet pavements and are generally noisier. Fuel economy isn't quite as good with these wider tires either.


As with every other vehicle, maintaining your truck tires is an extremely important part of being a truck owner. Know the proper PSI for your tires and perform regular checks to ensure that it's at the optimal level. This process goes a long way to help avoid any possible tire failures. Tire failures can cause some disastrous accidents. While maintaining air pressure, also do a thorough check of your tires to make sure there are no cracks, defects or debris lodged in the truck tires. This is a brief check of the vehicle tires that can potentially save you a lot of grief and money in the long run.

Rotating truck tires will maintain proper tread wear and help the truck tires last much longer. By rotating them often, the recommended rotation period is every other oil change, your truck tires will provide you with a smoother, more comfortable ride.

As with all other vehicle tires, proper maintenance and attention to any potential problems will help you get the most out of the money you spent on your brand new tires. They'll last longer and the performance will remain at an optimal level.

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